A Return to Innocence 

Looking at herself in the mirror she cringes. Yet again he called her a name and she needed affirmation that the name is not hers. The name belongs to a being buried under the sand with no soul. The affirmation in the mirror, that this is not her name smiles back at her and she is happy again. LEO, in the corner of the room watches her as she looks at herself one more time. Then from nowhere he walks into the room and calls her a name again. Her happiness which was brief yet eternal, shattered. Sadness filled the room an overwhelmingly strong sadness. That was the moment she decided that she will not accept the name, it was not a name given by her mother at birth. It was not a name which she claimed while in the womb of creation.

With tear filled eyes she grabs her grandfather’s suitcase, the one with the old smell. Packs it to the brim as if to say, this is temporary … ’I will come back’. LEO now follows her to the large reception room, he whom called her a name is standing with a freshly poured whiskey in his hand. His eyes meeting hers, in disbelieve. No words are spoken, just the silence of the room conversing with her grandfather’s suitcase, the one with the old smell. The sound of a child running, snaps them out of that timeless moment, that moment when the room literally changed its vibration. The child is her 8 year old daughter … confused she asked her mom where she was going. She looked at her and said … ’my moment here is done’. The daughter frantically holding on to the bottom of her mom’s dress, screaming at the top of her voice, that was the only sound now conversing with her grandfather’s suitcase, the one with the old smell. She picked her up gave her a hug and said … ’love has to go to find itself again, one day you will know why I had to go’. Without another utterance, she leaves the room and enters her car.

That was the moment her world changed her life rewritten. Driving out the gate LEO stood for a while in disbelieve. The trees and fields were never the same again when love left that room …




9 thoughts on “A Return to Innocence 

  1. So many stories in this one post! I wonder what will happen to the 8 year old daughter. It must have taken a lot to leaver her. I love this part: “…just the silence of the room conversing with her grandfather’s suitcase…”

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