The man in the moon is about to show his face… when LEO decided to jump onto his horse and carriage, making his way to a small little place, off a busy road in the Mother City … The dark walls with chandeliers, dripping from the ceiling gives it a unique face. A Face of mystery, happiness and laughter. It’s a windless night and the place is filling up quickly. In the corner, LEO notices the same couple as from before. What are the chances …? It was like time was paused for a split second, going onto eternity … as if LEO, never left the restaurant where they had their first encounter.

The man in the moon appears in the sky, his eyes wide open. The restaurant is a buzz and the chit and chatter turns into a symphony of sound. The couple in the far corner is babbling away like fish out of water. Their torus speaks of happiness. A Blissful moment for LEO as he watches their happiness infiltrates that small little place. This connection speaks of many lifetimes together. It’s evident in their body language and gestures …

Words come naturally to them and it is like time, literally stood still and now continuing through their interaction. If love could be defined, it would be captured in this ancient moment. The moment where two worlds join creating a Vesica Pisces, a sacred space that speaks of two worlds with the exact same radius creates a third space in the centre. That is the space that speaks to a world they interact with. The world that is watching them, like LEO does. The world that when they part their ways is left a better place.

As the night draws to an end. An end to yet another perfect moment. Their hands touching each other’s, just so slightly. Like a breeze sweeping through the small little place, their paths part into the dark of the night. LEO, with a smile on his face, happiness in every part of this small place … leaves, and outside, the man in the moon with his eyes wide open has an extra smile on his face…


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