The cry of a baby snaps LEO out of his day dreaming. LEO loves to disappear into the heavens where love just happens. He is in the room with mom and daughter. The baby had just woken up from a deep sleep. He is watching their beautiful exchange and a love story is unfolding … the love between them touches LEO on the deepest part of his soul and for a moment a tear gets stuck in his throat …

Years later mom and daughter in that same room, they both now older. LEO notices a sadness yet love is stronger … Like pawns in the game of chess their love now played with only fate to be their master. What will this fate bring to mother and daughter? Like slaves to their master they do their best to keep their love for one another intact. Yet this master, a monster from a world where love is crushed and hearts suffer, he does his best to tear them apart.

This monster with his green tentacles pierces their souls for his poison to grow. Their eyes looking at each other, like lights penetrating the night. LEO is overwhelmed… Their souls unite making this monster so small his tentacles and poison gone, to a world where he belongs…

Their love untouched, mother and daughter leave the room … LEO watches them as they walk away… love conquers worlds unknown, LEO’s heart happy again. This monster is dead …


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