Passion in a bottle

Waves crashing, alive is the sea in all its glory. The sun is kissing the clouds ever so slightly … a good morning brighten up the sky … LEO is sitting on a beach towel watching people walking by. The mad hatter? Can it be? … children teasing the waves as they cannot contain their bliss. It’s a sound that lightens up the day. Taking LEO back to his childhood, how carefree and fun with innocence to come.

The sea now calmer and the couple splashing about the waves. If LEO could capture their moment in the sun … it would be contained in a bottle and thrown back into the sea. That moment which moves planets together to converse about the stars. Creating more light showering the humans with this expectional love …

If love could speak to planets and stars how much will it speak to you and I … the couple still splashing about reminds LEO how pure love can touch hearts so hard … moving mountains where there once were none. The bottle containing their love … is found by heart so hard on the other side of the horizon … its opened … And the heart so hard becomes one with the ocean … love is a force no one can contain and free it should remain … the heart so hard on the other side of the ocean … now looking up to the sky acknowledging the effect of this love potion …


11 thoughts on “Passion in a bottle

  1. Do we believe in soulmates? We do

    We just don’t believe that we have one
    Our souls are too jagged at the edges
    We have chameleon souls that drips water colors onto white canvas.
    What soul can get close enough without wounds or stains?

    LEO & LoveLEO have met

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  2. I hope to find that deep love shared with someone. Knowing it first in me is my salvation, and sharing it with someone else is a blessing. Being present in Love is the Kingdomof God in all its glory. Living truth ♡

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    1. Dear lovesmystery,
      you should always follow your heart and it will happen … life is too short, observe every moment … I trust I have been of help to you … much love

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  3. Oh, beautiful – thank you for creating and sharing this! I hope it’s okay to say that the first comment on this post (and your response) made me feel even fuzzier inside than the post itself! 😀

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