Over the Lily pond

A little frog is sitting on a giant Lily … it almost looks out of proportion against the backdrop of the pond … LEO watches this beautiful ecology unfolding in the hot of the day … Little tadpoles swimming about in the midst of their nowness … their being exploring their beauty intricately yet unknowingly …

The unknown a place of scary yet exciting … the embrace, this space with love and grace. In the hot of this day the pond now overflowing with wealth … wealth no money can attain just a matrix unspeakable the eye not to see …

The water so murky yet unspeakable beauty, all around the pond now an amazing symphony of sound. It speaks to the mind, it speaks to the heart. LEO is filled with renewed love …

Walking away from the Lily pond with his renewed love … LEO now ready to make the world a better place again …




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