Sand playing hide and seek around her toes as she walks on the sea of sand dunes. The sun is high in sky, the crows yawning … LEO follows her as she crosses this barren terrain of nothingness to the naked eye, yet so much depth and soul to those who can see. Her posture is slumped and LEO can sense a sadness hovering above her head … the sea on her left which brings the smell of salt to life and in the background the waves chatting like fish wives at the market, happiness erect.

On the far side of the dunes, LEO notices a man with a child leaning against his car. She is now walking towards them. Why is she crying he wonders? It’s a cry from the depth of the earth where goblins and creatures live, a depth she never wanted to go, yet he with the child in hand had taken her there. He with the child in hand …

With his armour and sword the child now becomes the shield he always wished her to be. To protect him from her, the mother, really to see the little scared child this big man to be. As the child in hand whom now is his shield, the mother standing face to face looking at this scared little child this big man to be … she grabs the child in hand from this big man to be holding her against her breast for the child to know love, in its rawest form … the child hears the sound of love in a heartbeat and becomes one with her world … the mother.

Walking away from the little scared child this big man to be her world complete never to return to the goblins and creatures deep in the earth, she is now free …


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