Through the looking glass 

LEO - Love Emotion Own

Fingers intertwined mom and daughter are walking through a busy mall. LEO having a glimpse through the looking glass smiles as they walk past, they looked like two little girls carefree skipping through a field of daisies. Their laughter and chatter like a cup overflowing with water LEO notices how people were staring at them.

The bond between them are words unspoken. Words of love, bliss yet a deep sadness. A love from other worlds ingrained in the centre of their souls that sparkles at night. Creating a light for them to find their way back when sadness grows. From shop to shop they go, still chatting away. They found a quiet little place they now for that moment called home. The mom still holding her girl’s hand LEO notices the pain in her eyes. Those eyes became windows to her soul, the story behind the pain now unfolds. The…

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