A Return to Innocence 

LEO - Love Emotion Own

Looking at herself in the mirror she cringes. Yet again he called her a name and she needed affirmation that the name is not hers. The name belongs to a being buried under the sand with no soul. The affirmation in the mirror, that this is not her name smiles back at her and she is happy again. LEO, in the corner of the room watches her as she looks at herself one more time. Then from nowhere he walks into the room and calls her a name again. Her happiness which was brief yet eternal, shattered. Sadness filled the room an overwhelmingly strong sadness. That was the moment she decided that she will not accept the name, it was not a name given by her mother at birth. It was not a name which she claimed while in the womb of creation.

With tear filled eyes she grabs…

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