Her eyes met his, tongues of fire speaking words of stone … he said it’s over. She was devastated … reminiscing about the last few months on the love they had. On the couch he is sitting looking at the trees moving to and fro … There is movement in this communication … between the trees and wind.

He was this man standing in the doorway with this big hat, a hat from Africa…with tassels and turns. So different, he made her life new. LEO is watching them. He can feel every word from the one corner of the room to the other. It sends shivers down his spine … the pain in her voice was as audible, as the thunder on cumulonimbus day.

The man with the hat from Africa, his face cold … his expression of someone that didn’t know her …is love truly so cruel? Does it stand at the gates of the city with a book and pen in hand, taking notes of those who have been good or bad? A story comes to mind from LEO’s childhood, a story of a tall man dressed in black, with book and pen in hand … could this be love at the city gates? He thought love was innocent and beautiful yet this woman with pain like thunder, has to feel the wrath of love.

The woman with pain like thunder, gets up from the couch…is this truly love’s final blow. She looks at the man with the hat from Africa, one last look … she remembers the beautiful moments in Africa, the sunset, the animals and marula trees. Africa will never be the same after leaving this man of her dreams.

LEO saddened by her pain, if he had one wish to make, it was to turn her thunder into sunshine again …




6 thoughts on “Don’t Remember Me

  1. Hi Naz,

    I have been off line for a period of time now as I was studying. I am going to start blogging again soon. Thank you for the nomination. Please send more details re nomination….


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