Pink Orchard 

LEO - Love Emotion Own

The scent of peach blossoms fill the air. The rustling of the trees are audible and she can almost hear the leaves in deep dialogue with one another. Next to the organic garden LEO is standing. In his immediate vision he sees her, sitting on an empty paint drum. With her skinny legs and long hair she is gazing at the peach orchard right in front of her.

Every day she sits on the same empty paint drum. It’s her space, where she allows herself to dream, to feel and go beyond. She has many dreams yet those dreams are muddled with an emotional dragon she is wanting to vanquish. The dragon is nameless and wants to break her spirit so she can remain on that empty paint drum forever. For her youngness, she is meant to experience the spring of her life yet the card that’s been given to…

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