She is sitting on the porch of the mansion she lived in. Her golden prison. He is sitting next to her on the rocking chair with his whiskey in hand. Speaking of his day at work, she listens attentively. LEO is watching this couple exchanging words. The words are gentle yet there is an underlying sadness in this exchange. She seems to be present yet disconnected from her present pain she is feeling. Pain that at times washes over her like a tsunami with no control of the outcome.

The day is silent no wind just a slight rustle of the leaves. The squirrels running wild gathering acorns for the winter ahead. Its summer yet winter is in her heart. He the one in the rocking chair still chatting about his day cannot see the pain he has inflicted upon her soul. In his mind he has been the perfect partner, father and friend. As he chats she goes day dreaming into her world, her perfect world. She dreams of the realness of love. It should not be a mirage in the heat of the sun. Love should be easy and light yet why is she overwhelmed with this heaviness. She dreams of green spaces, trees and flowers, where butterflies gather by the hundreds. Where waterfalls are plenty and the air breezy and free. And for a split second she became free from this golden prison she found herself in for so long. A Decision she took because of the love from her perfect world, the world of green spaces, trees and flowers, where butterflies gather by the hundreds. The world she escapes to when the tsunami comes to destroy her soul. Where no mirage can ever grow.

LEO is distraught in the pain he is feeling for her, yet delighted to know she has a world she can go to, to be free to be loved even only by the green spaces, the trees and the flowers, where butterflies gather by the hundreds.


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