The Storyteller

LEO - Love Emotion Own

Like ants scattered across the greenest of grass, in anticipation they waited for the storyteller to appear. It was a festive occasion, with laughter echoing through the valley and Table Mountain as the backdrop. LEO is sitting underneath the old oak tree watching the crowd exchanging with sheer bliss their “tickey” of thought with one another. The excitement was tangible…

As the sun touched the horizon the storyteller appears. His attire simple yet it spoke of a man very comfortable in his own skin. The crowd is now cheering and the atmosphere becoming more festive. The storyteller through the sound of his music tells the story of a journey, a journey of old and a journey of new. A journey of meetings and greetings. Through his whiteness having a desire to explore his blackness he yet had to meet. The audience is captured by this man … as he shares…

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